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With the experience of many years of pattern, mould making and laminating in wet lay up and pre-preg carbon fibre for the motorsport professional I am happy to offer my services to a wider client base.


Please contact me if you need help with pattern and mould making from design through to conception. I am happy to be involved right from the start of your motosport project and aim to produce a cost effective solution to your problems.


I have an extensive list of associates who can offer services ranging from CNC machining (metals, composites and tooling block), scanning, laser and water jet cutting, machining of carbon fibre composites, metals and plastics.


We offer a repair service for composite components as well as advice.



About us

Mounting monoshock damper on OMS 25 tub pattern.
  • Design
  • Conception
  • Patterns, moulds and components
  • Manufacture


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